FAQS page

How many types of Thermogen Herbal Fiber do you have?
We have 5 different types of Thermogen herbal weight loss supplements depending on the target of weight loss and your BMI.

Is there a special Thermogen Herbal Fiber for women suffering from PCOS?
Yes, we have various weight loss programs and products for PCOS. We will need a short telephone assessment to see which one will suit you best.

What is the difference between the black Thermogen Herbal Fiber and the pink Thermogen Herbal Fiber?
Thermogen Herbal Fiber Green box is for general weight loss for both men and women.
Thermogen Herbal Fiber (pink box) is for weight loss for women who have PCOS or menopausal symptoms. It helps reverse them and hence aids with weight loss.

Do you provide any diet instructions with the Thermogen Herbal Fiber?
Yes. It comes with a free diet chart, easy to follow.

For how long does 1 pack of Thermogen Herbal Fiber last?
It’s for one full month.

How much weight and inches will I lose?
Our clients lose 4-12 kgs in a month , approximately 8-20 inches per month, depending on your body’s response.

Do you deliver only in Pakistan or abroad as well?
We deliver in Pakistan and all over the world too.

What is Thermogen Ashwa Gold?

We have 2 types of Thermogen Ashwa Gold supplements, for males and females.
It works on conception, fertility and youth and helps with the over all reproductive health.
It also helps with weight management.